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If you’d like to see what a difference granite bathroom or kitchen countertops can make in your Cromwell home, contact us at CT Hardrock Marble & Granite LLC.

Are you wondering how you can make the bathroom or kitchen countertops in your home go from boring to something really amazing? If so, choose granite! Below are just 4 benefits that granite bathroom and kitchen countertops offer.

Kitchen Countertops
  1. They are Beautiful: Granite can make your home look more sophisticated and elegant like no other material can. There are literally thousands of colors to choose from, plus the fact that no two granite slabs are identical. This will not only make your home beauty, but it will also make your bathroom or kitchen unique.
  2. They are Affordable: Yes, you read this right! Most people incorrectly think that granite countertops are way outside of their budgets, but the reality is that today they are more affordable than ever. Due to the rise in popularity over the years, granite countertop prices have come down significantly. No longer are they exclusive to just the rich and famous! You can also expect an excellent return on your investment – adding as much as 10 percent to the value of your home.
  3. They are Durable: Granite is one of the most durable and strongest materials available to use for your bathroom and kitchen countertops. Your new countertop will be not only be scratch-resistant or heat-resistant, but its shine and beauty will last for many years.
  4. They are Easy to Clean and Hygienic: But isn’t granite a naturally porous material? Well, yes it is, but when granite bathroom or kitchen countertops are properly installed and sealed, they are virtually impermeable to bacteria and other germs. To keep them clean, healthy and shiny, just wipe with soapy, warm water after every use.

If you’d like to see what a difference granite bathroom or kitchen countertops can make in your Cromwell, Connecticut home, contact us at CT Hardrock Marble & Granite LLC.

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