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Quartzite kitchen countertops have several advantages over other types of countertops.

Considering new countertops for your Cromwell, Connecticut home? Well, you’re faced with two types to choose from: engineered and natural. While most people might immediately think of granite and marble in the realm of natural stone, we, at CT Hardrock Marble & Granite LLC, offer an alternative that we believe will captivate you. Allow us to present the exquisite quartzite kitchen countertops – a choice that exudes uniqueness, rarity, and exotic allure.

Quartzite Kitchen Countertops

Introducing the allure of quartzite kitchen countertops in their pristine white appearance, resembling the elegant charm of marble. However, these countertops surpass marble in durability and hardness, offering the perfect blend of aesthetics and resilience. Quartzite forms naturally when sandstone undergoes intense pressure and heat from tectonic plate compression, making it a rarity due to its limited occurrences worldwide.

Beyond its beauty, quartzite kitchen countertops are a practical choice for those seeking unparalleled toughness, even surpassing the sturdiness of granite, while standing strong against heat. Employing a cutting board is still recommended to prevent damage, and regular resealing is necessary to prevent staining. Nevertheless, rest assured that quartzite guarantees enduring performance and beauty for many years to come. Should you opt for quartzite kitchen countertops, we are delighted to elaborate on its benefits and introduce our 15-year sealer, ensuring a low-maintenance option for your kitchen renovation.

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