With its wide range of designs and colors, as well as its incredible durability, quartz is one of the most popular options for kitchens. As quartz countertops for kitchens are manufactured rather than mined, you can count on their consistency of quality.


Quartz bathroom countertops are the perfect choice for your redesign thanks to their stain and moisture resistance, their range of colors, patterns, and styles, and their durability when compared with natural stone alternatives.







At a leader in natural and fabricated stone countertops, we install hundreds of perfectly measured and cut kitchen and bathroom countertops every year.

The manufacturing process offers a broader variety of quartz countertop options than you would get for granite or marble. The natural stones are great but limit you to what is available on the market.

Quartz counters variety depend on:

  • how finely or coarsely you grind the stone
  • the type of quartz you mine from the earth
  • the percentage of resins you use
  • whether you use metallic flakes or other stones to give your counter a little flair

Consumers get many benefits from using engineered quartz over natural stones likes granite and marble. Before we go too far into this conversation, please realize there are pros and cons to both quartz and granite. For this conversation, we will focus on the advantages of quartz.


Engineering the quartz countertop provides a stronger, longer-lasting stone than natural stones. The polymers that bind the rock, also increase the strength. The strength of the stone makes it easier for contractors to install the slabs in your kitchen or bathroom without it breaking.


These same polymers also make them resistant to household chemicals and cleaners. The non-porous nature of these counters makes them 99.9% bacteria free as well. The polymers also make the counters non-porous. Their non-porous nature is why you do not need cleaning products as you might with other stones.


As we mentioned above, quartz is an abundant stone found in the earth’s crust. In addition, quartz manufacturing processes differ significantly.

Quartz countertops can take a beating. However, they are not indestructible and can suffer if you put pots and pans over 300° on the counter. Why is that?

Quartz countertops have a composition of 94% quartz and 6% polymer resins. The polymer resins protect the stone from staining and make it easier to maintain over time.

The polymer resins make quartz more durable than granite or marble. Unlike those stones, you do not need to reseal your quartz countertop every year.

However, it also has a lower heat threshold than a granite countertop. The low heat resistance is due to the polymer resin, which only has a 150° threshold. As we mentioned above, the quartz stone has a 300° threshold. Since the polymer is like glue, it is not surprising that the resin burns at a lower temperature than the surrounding quartz slab.

The low threshold makes it more likely to burn or break when in contact with heat. Therefore, you can put a hot mug of coffee on your countertop, but a searing hot pan or boiling pot of water could leave a burn mark.

Over time, coffee mugs and teacups could leave burn marks as well.

Alternatively, as we discussed above, it could lead to a potential crack in the quartz due to the heat or rapid change in temperature.

There are products you can buy at home depot that are great for cleaning quartz countertops. Once you choose one that you are comfortable with, use it as often as necessary. An important piece of advice: use the kind that does not contain bleach to prevent discoloration of your countertop. To this, people often ask if Clorox is safe for quartz countertops. Quartz countertops are the reason why Clorox created options with less bleach.

A good degreasing agent can go a long way in tackling tough stains, so long as it doesn’t have bleach. Your kitchen countertops will thank you when you can clean spills immediately with a degreaser, without causing any harm to the surface.

When choosing a product, always check the label for information on countertop safety and protection.


Unseen dirt and other elements remain the number one enemy of quartz. What’s more, coronavirus germs can survive on quartz surfaces for about one to two days. This means that you should not just clean off the surface, but actually disinfect it. This eliminates germs and bacteria not visible to the naked eye. This also ensures that the food you serve to your friends and family is sanitary.


The key to maintaining a tiptop quartz countertop is consistency. Meaning, you should, as much as possible, wipe your countertop with warm water and mild soap on a daily basis.

This is especially essential for busy kitchens, like those that are often bustling with constant cooking and prepping for meals. This includes restaurant countertops and big family kitchens.

This is also necessary to prevent dirt buildup. Simply put, when you clean every day, you get rid of dirt daily as well. Spots, stains, and other types of dirt will not have the chance to pile up and harden.


In the event that gunk has already piled up, use a plastic scraper to get rid of the dirt. This prevents causing scratches on the surface of your countertop. This tool is perfect for removing superglue, stuck gums and dried grease. Of course, it is best to scrape the dirt off immediately. Hence, it would be perfect to keep a handy scraper in one of the kitchen drawers.


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